FE505 Forest Nutrition

Course Syllabus (Spring 2013)

Google Drive Page (registered students only)

In this graduate level course we will read and discuss current literature on managing forest nutrition. We will examine literature from many regions of the globe including (but not limited to):
o Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine systems of thePacific Northwest
o Loblolly pine from the US Southeast
o Intensively managed plantations from the Tropics and southern hemisphere
o Intensively managed forests in the boreal

We will discuss topics that include (but not limited to):
o Major nutrient limitations on forest productivity
o The nitrogen cycle in managed forests
o The phosphorous cycle in managed forests
o Micronutrients and other potential nutrient limitations (e.g. calcium)
o The science of forest fertilization (where and when is it appropriate?)
o Managing forest nutrition of fire prone forests
o Long-term site productivity of intensively managed forests (including discussions around harvesting biomass for biofuels)
o Understanding and managing interactions between limiting factors (e.g. water and nutrients or hydrology/drainage and nutrients)
o Managing forest nutrition in a changing world
o Managing forest nutrition in agroforestry systems

The exact topics and regions to be discussed will partly be determined by the needs and interests of the course participants. The majority of the class will be discussions led by the instructor and course participants.