Chaparral Fire in Central California

A day on Loon Lake

Trask River Paired Watershed Study

A Day in the Field

Season and Interval of Prescribed Burn Effects on Soils in Malhuer National Forest

NARA Long Term Soil Productivity Site

Soils of the Southern Blue Mountains

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Welcome to the OSU Forest Soils Lab webpage.  The mission of our group is to understand the interaction of humans with forest ecosystems in the interest of sustainable management of forest, soil, and water resources.  We utilize a balanced approach of basic and applied research to examine the links between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at multiple scales through the study of soil, water, sediment, nutrients, and carbon.  Further, we engage and educate students to manage land responsibly in the face of climate change, population growth and other pressures on natural resources.  


Please browse our website for more information about us or feel free to contact Jeff Hatten with any questions or comments.


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